A. Humanitarian Personality (Basyariah)

    1. Individual personality; which includes typical person in the form of attitudes and behavior as well as intellectual property owned by each typically so that he is different from others. In the view of Islam are human beings and have the potential to have a different (al-al-farq fardiah) covering physical and psychological aspects.

Word of Allah:

See how We have preferred some of them over much (the other). And surely the hereafter levels higher and greater primacy.
انظر كيف فضلنا بعضهم على بعض وللآخرة أكبر درجات وأكبر تفضيلا

“See how We favored them above most others.” (Surat al-Isra ‘: 21)

    1. Ummah Personality: personality characteristics that include Muslims as an ummah (nation / state) that includes Muslim attitudes and behavior of different Muslim ummah by ummah other, has the hallmark of the group and have the ability to maintain the identity of outside influence, both ideological and Another can give a negative impact.

Word of Allah:

“… And made ​​you nations and tribes that ye may know each other to know ….”
وجعلناكم شعوبا وقبائل لتعارفوا

“We made ​​you tribes and nation-know to know each other ….”. (Surat al-Hujurat: 13)

  1. Personality Samaai (apocalyptic)

Personality samaai (apocalyptic) is a personality pattern that is formed through the guidance of revelation in the holy book the Qur’an, which God hath spoken include the following:

وأن هذا صراطي مستقيما فاتبعوه ولا تتبعوا السبل
فتفرق بكم عن سبيله ذلكم وصاكم به لعلكم تتقون

and that (which we ordered) This is My straight path, so follow it and do not follow roads (other), because those roads scatter you from His path. That God commands (Surat al-An `am: 153)
Muslim personalities as individuals and as an ummah, integrated in the form of a similar pattern. In this case the basic theory of the Muslim personality, both as individuals and as an ummah that one, there was a dichotomy-integrated form. The dichotomy lies just within the division, but the same basic (Islamic educational philosophy which springs the Qur’an and Hadith), and one purpose of a devout worshiper of Allah according to his word.

I only created jinn and man to worship Me. (Surah Adh-Dzariyat: 56)
وما خلقت الجن والإنس إلا ليعبدون

Integration of individual personality and the ummah can not guarantee the realization of noble behavior in accordance with the demands of life ukhrawi world. Therefore we need divine personality or where the values ​​of Islamic belief in positive and constructive with orientation to the welfare and happiness in the world and the Hereafter. This is where the seemingly differing views between Western personality theory to the theory of personality nuslim. Perhaps this is caused by a philosophy that embraced each is different, so the basic difference leads to differences of opinion. (And Allaah knows best).


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